Weight-Loss Hypnotherapy & Coaching

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Feel Great in Your Own Skin

6 steps to lose weight and getting you back to feeling GOOD

Weight-Loss Hypnotherapy & Coaching

My approach to weight loss comes from personal experience, having tried and done most diets under the sun and finally finding a sustainable way of feeling good about me and being healthy and active.

During the one2one sessions, either face-to-face or over Zoom or similar, there will be a thorough run-through of your current situation, feelings, and habits to tailor the approach to you. You will be expected to do homework as well as getting material to take home. 

How many sessions you need depends on you and your circumstances but typically 3-6 sessions. 

30-Days Weight-Loss Programme

The 30-Days Be the Best You Programme runs regularly throughout the year and is a group programme held in a private Facebook group. The group environment is proven to have a positive effect on committing and achieving goals. 

It is not a diet and you will learn to move away from the diet mentality and instead start to prioritise you. 

Participants typically lose around 5-7lbs in the 30 days but more important than the weight released and the inches gone are the mindset shifts that happen and the fundamental learnings about you and how you feel about yourself.

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Feel Great In Your Own Skin

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Life is too short to waste precious time and mental energy on fad diets. It is time to rediscover joy and feel great in your own skin. 

You’ve got nothing to lose but your excess weight!

The eBook will give you 6 easy steps to implement to start prioritising you to feeling great again. 

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