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Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Hypnotherapy can have rapid, long lasting effects and I work with self-confidence, worries, stress, anxiety, phobias, past life regression and more. 

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Phobia Treatment

Having a phobia can limit your life and really hinder you from living it fully.

Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious mind, re-writing the stories and the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, free you from the fear and the unwanted reactions and behaviours.

Stop Smoking

Is smoking a habit you no longer want to be a slave to? Perhaps it is giving you money concerns? Perhaps you have worries around your health and how it is affected by smoking and how it would affect your family if you continued? You can be free from this habit with hypnotherapy and coaching.

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"30-Day Be the Best You" Weight Loss Programme​

This is a 30 day group programme in a closed Facebook group. There is no diet. No counting points or “being good” or “being bad”. This is all about YOU. Understanding your own behaviours and learning to respect yourself and treat yourself the way you deserve, through self-love – and the weight loss follows. Many participants have lost up to a stone during the 30 days, creating new, positive, healthy sustainable habits.

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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy & Coaching

I am drawing from my own experiences with bad self-body image, weight struggle and not feeling great in my own skin. If you don’t think the group setting is for you or don’t want to wait for the next programme to start, I can work with you one on one. The sessions will be a combination of coaching, changing habits, looking at nutrition and exercise, breaking through limiting beliefs and hypnotherapy. You can find a new way of life where you put yourself as priority, tacking back control, gaining self-love and losing weight. 

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